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Most people who give it much thought say that a Christian is someone who follows the Christian religion.
Although that's true to a certain extent, there is more to being a Christian than simply following the teaching of Jesus.

You see, Jesus didn't just come to teach, he came to save. That means Christians are people who have been saved by Jesus.

Saved from what?

Jesus didn't just come to teach, he came to save.

The Bible says that every single one of us is in a dangerous position. We have all decided to reject the one who made us, keeps us alive and loves us. Instead we want to be our own god.

You might think "No! I've not rejected God", but deep down we all want to be independent, rather than acknowledge that we are dependent on our maker.

So, we've made ourselves enemies of the most powerful being in the universe. That's our danger.

When Jesus came, as the Son of God he was the only person in all of history who could live the life we can't - a life that is pleasing to God. He then died, as he always knew he would, as a substitute.

Jesus, the only person who never needed to die, chose to die so that we could be forgiven.

And that is what a Christian is, someone that has accepted the forgiveness of Jesus, and now lives in the knowledge of that forgiveness.

Who is Jesus?

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