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Whoever you are, wherever you're from, whatever you believe, whatever you've done

You are welcome


Furze Down School is on Verney Road. When you drive in you can park in the spaces around the circle just in the gate. If you need to drive up to the school entrance one of our welcome team can open the inner gate which allows you to drive through to the school building. After the inner gate you can walk (or drive) to the school entrance by heading to the glass fronted building you'll see on the left. If in doubt, follow the signs. The service starts at 10:30am

service We come together to learn, grow, enjoy being with one another and praise God. Everyone is welcome, whatever your background or belief. During the service we sing, pray, read the Bible and listen to a Bible talk. You can join in or just watch - no one will be watching you. The worship is led by our musicians and the person who is leading the service. The song words are projected onto the big screen at the front. The Bible talk is usually given by the pastor. The talks are contemporary and apply the teaching of the Bible to life today.

If you have children they are very welcome as well. The children usually stay in the main service for the first 20 minutes, then they have the option to go out to the children's groups. Alternatively they can stay in the service with the adults. Approximately one per month we have a Church Family Service in which the children stay in for the whole service.

The service usually finishes sometime between 11.45 and 12, after which refreshments are served. If you want to talk in confidence to someone about any issues that were raised during the service then feel free to ask the person who led, or the preacher and they would be happy to either speak to you themselves, or introduce you to someone who would be more than willing to spend some time with you.

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Winslow Christian Fellowship

Meeting on Sundays:

10:30 at Winslow Public Hall, Winslow, Buckinghamshire, MK18 3DG, UK

Administrative Contact:

Winslow Christian Fellowship, 92 High Street, Winslow, Buckinghamshire, MK18 3DQ, UK
0730 543 7799