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If you were unable to get a copy of a handout, or you have lost a handout, this is the place to find the download:

Title Date Notes
Advent Readings 2015 7th November 2015 Readings from Luke 1 and 2, plus some other passages. To be used in conjuntion with the advent sermon series and Home Group Bible studies.
Church Weekend Away Proposal 7th June 2015 A propsal for a Church Weekend Away in 2015, with two possible venues.
Legitimacy of Christ's Kingship 14th Dec 2014 This is the slideshow images that help to make sense of the sermon on Luke 1:26-38 about Jesus's birth and legitimate claim to the throne of David.
Summer 2014 Scripture Meditation 28th July 2014 This handout relates to the sermon on Psalm 1 in which the key to a blessed life is meditation on scripture. The handout provides some tips for scripture meditation and 6 verses for meditation over the summer, one per week.

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Winslow Christian Fellowship

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10:30 at Furze Down School, Verney Road, Winslow, Buckinghamshire, MK18 3BL, UK

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Winslow Christian Fellowship, 92 High Street, Winslow, Buckinghamshire, MK18 3DQ, UK
0730 543 7799