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Tuesday 8th September

The fortress Church of Prejmer This morning started with a breakfast of omelette with red pepper and spicy sausage. That gave us some good energy for the day. We set off for Prejmer which is a fortified Church. If ever the town was under attack they would go inside the church walls and stay in the rooms that are set into the walls.
Then we moved on to Brasov which is a very nice city next to the mountains. It even has a Hollywood style name on the mountain overlooking the city. Brasov
The town square in Brasov At one point Sorin was talking to someone on the phone, so I wandered over to a coffee stand and decided I would be brave and order a coffee without Sorin helping with translation. I ordered a cappuccino and was served an expresso. I'm not sure what I did wrong!
After this we went to a town called Bran which has a castle that was the home of Vlad the impaler. Its the most touristy bit of Romania I've seen as it has lots of places to buy Dracula stuff. The castle itself was owned by the royal family until they were exiled by the communists, and so has more history than just Dracula. In fact its quite pleasant which is disappointing if you're expecting gothic horror! Bran Castle which is Draculas home
After this we briefly returned to the B&B before setting off on an epic walk that took nearly 3 hours.
Sorin has been tracking our walking on his phone and worked out that we've covered 20km today, which is about 12 miles. We both felt very virtuous!
We also felt very hungry, so were ready for our evening meal. It was pork and sausage with polenta. The pork was about half fat, which I cut off as I couldn't manage it. For pudding we had pancakes (or crepes) with cherries. Very nice.

Then we decided its time for bed. I'm going to sleep well tonight.

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