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Wednesday 9th September

Had an omelette for breakfast again and then set off for Bucharest. This was not the original plan, but one of the church members died a couple of days ago and Sorin needed to do the funeral at 1.30 today.

Sorin's dedication is challenging. His mobile phone seems to be constantly ringing, either from church members or other pastors. He is constantly in demand for advice and counselling. When I asked him if he took a day off he said he didn't. He said he doesn't know how to say 'no'.

I stayed back at the flat and had a sleep as I had not slept very well during the night. After the funeral Sorin returned. Then in the evening I said goodbye as Sorin had to go to a conference of the Baptist association which is discussing some important issues tomorrow morning.

Its been a priviledge to see this part of the world and the see first hand the work Sorin is involved with. I've had expectations overturned and seen God in action in unlikely places and unexpected ways. I'm very thankful to have had this opportunity.
Fifi the dog having a sleep

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